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12:58pm 02-24-2018
Thomas Mayers
Well, almost 10 years later and here I am again! We're working on our 9th cd now after releasing #8 called: "I Ain't All That Bad". Along with Jack Civiletto and Sterling Smalley, our music projects sound better than ever before. It rejuvenates John and I on writing and recording new songs with the help of these two gentlemen and their wonderful ideas and talents. With friends like them I feel very lucky and blessed. Tom
10:43pm 04-20-2012
Hey Thomass. Looks like I,m not the only person ta know ya as Tomass.
Keep the faith Bro and God bless
10:38pm 04-20-2012
just sittin here and listening to some tunes makes me feel like I'm in the studio myself right now. notice i said studio rather than just music room.
Love ya guy's Big Lar
8:40pm 02-05-2008
Tom Mayers
Chill, Bah Humbug on the honor for you . . . where would we be without your experitise? Huh? . .. I ax ya . .. where??? Why we'd still be standing on a corner downtown with the accordion case open and John countin' the money . . . buying squash . . .
Thank YOU Chill,

8:56am 02-05-2008
Chilly Billy Pavone
Dear Tom & John,

It was truly an honor to construct your website for you. I sure do hope that it helps bring about more friends and good times along with profits. Thanks for letting this stray be a part of your group.

Chilly Billy Pavone

PS: Thanks Pat Schwab
8:14pm 02-04-2008
Darlene Carruthers
Loved the site--I will e-mail the link to my friends and Tom's co-workers at CRC--Thanks for alllowing me to be part of the family. Thomass--you're the Best!! Darlene